• 24 inch NEW motorized electric tricycle with EN15194/ cheap electric trike/ 3 wheel electric bike with pedals
  • VTUVIA Best Electric Trike Bikes For Adults
  • VTUVIA Best Electric Trike Bikes For Adults
  • VTUVIA Best Electric Trike Bikes For Adults
  • VTUVIA Best Electric Trike Bikes For Adults
  • VTUVIA Best Electric Trike Bikes For Adults

VTUVIA Best Electric Trike Bikes For Adults

The Best Electric Trike Bikes For Adults And Seniors
Main Components
Electric System
Aluminium alloy frame
36V/48V 350W/500W/750W brushless motor
Front 24*4.0, Rear 20*4.0
13AH/14.5AH Samsung li-ion battery
1:1 intelligent pedal assistant system
Front Fork
Suspension fork
Thumb or Twist throttle
Mechanical Disc brake
48V 25A Intelligent brushless
7 Speed Shimano
Chain Wheel
Aluminium Alloy Crank 44T
Max Speed
Driving Distance
35km(electric only), 55km(pedal assistant)
Seat Post
Aluminium alloy
Charging Time
4-5 hours

What Exactly Is An Electric Tricycle?

A traditional tricycle consists of two rear wheels and one front wheel.

They make balancing easier compared to a bicycle, they usually offer a basket on the back to make travel convenience easier, and they are a prime choice for children, adults, and seniors as an independent and flexible mode of transport.

While these qualities are what make a regular tricycle a favoured choice, there are still the unfortunate cons that come with using one.

The most significant difficulty with tricycles is pedaling with their substantially heavyweight, thus making climbing hills and using leg power alone very challenging.

To combat this, electric tricycles offer an added electric motor to the drivetrain. With each pedal, the motor kicks in to provide a boost to your speed.

This way, you can enjoy a more comfortable and less exhausting experience as opposed to a regular tricycle.

Just like an electric scooter, most tricycles will also offer the ability to ride without pedaling at all, which is where the motor does all of the work for you. The versatility lets you choose how you want to ride.

Adults and seniors find electric tricycles remarkably easy to get exactly where they need to be so that even if the basket is filled with shopping bags or other possessions, the journey will feel essentially effortless.

Most are often worried about how electric tricycles will feel when they pedal. Rest assured, the riding feels quite natural. You won't feel forcefully pulled forward by the motor, but instead, you will be cruising along at a faster speed than usual.

The natural feeling, effortless transportation, and electric assistance are the major reasons electric tricycles are being chosen over traditional ones today.

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