Brand Story

VTUVIA-Brave To Be Yourself

This is an era flooded with homogenization, an era of all calling for individuality, an era of enjoying self-expression.VTUVIA is willing to be traveling with you, start the era of cycling private treasures for you, let your riding becomes a scenery.VTUVIA, a persistent person who still chooses to go his own way in the market that everyone goes with the flow.No one is willing to live the same life as anyone else, we often just choose to compromise when we are still not fully satisfied on the material level. But in fact, we all want to live our own lives.

VTUVIA is for cyclists who are really willing to pursue themselves.

Faith is the power driving people to adhere to, so is of VTUVIA, the newly released mountain electric bicycle, full three years was spent, from design to making a sample, testing, cycling trial, collecting suggestions to improvement, craftsmanship in thousands of days and nights, improved and perfected little by little, until the moment of complete bicycle model came out, all the hardships of obstacles turned to the excitement and expectation.VTUVIA, cycling born to be different, for a different you, making different landscape.
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