Electric bicycles have 36V, 48V, and 64V. What is the difference between them?
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There are many types of electric vehicles on the market today, including 36v, 48V, 64V, 74V, 80V and so on. Many friends are dizzy when preparing to buy: 48V, 64V, 74V, 80V ... Oh my God! With so many different voltage electric bicycles, what is the difference between them?


1. The higher the voltage, the better the performance and economy of the electric vehicle.

First of all, the "easy purchase" editor told everyone: technically speaking, the higher the voltage, the better the performance and economics of electric vehicles. Long-term use also saves money and convenience than 48V four-battery electric vehicles. This is also the direction of the development of electric vehicles in the future.


However, the production of high-voltage electric vehicles above 64V has a high degree of difficulty, and there are not many manufacturers that can pass the customs clearance. Therefore, most businesses on the market are still selling electric vehicles with four (one 12V) 48VD batteries. Its price is lower, while the price of electric vehicles with five or six batteries is slightly higher.


Why is this happening?

Why is this so? In fact, the reason is very simple. In addition to the technical difficulty factor, high-voltage electric vehicles have more voltage-regulating circuits, controllers, motors, and frames. They are much stronger and more durable than 48V vehicles. It's long, and it has more batteries.

In the case of the same capacity battery, 64V runs far, because the larger the voltage, the smaller the driving current, the smaller the current, the less power consumption, and the longer the distance of course. Current is equal to power divided by voltage.

You can calculate by yourself, the general motor power is 48V and 64V are the same, either 350W or 450W. The smaller the current, the longer the discharge time, and the farther it runs.

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Therefore, in general, the higher the voltage, the better the performance of the electric bicycle.

However, the "easy purchase" editor also reminds you that although the higher the voltage, the better, but when you buy, do not blindly buy too high voltage electric bicycles. Like 80v, although its technology is relatively new, it is not stable enough. So when you buy an electric car, it's enough to buy a 64v.

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