What kind of common electric bike motors?
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Four major parts of electric bicycle: motor, battery, charger, controller. They are regarded as the main core components of electric bike. Among them, as the source of power output, the motor converts electrical energy in the battery into mechanical energy, and the motor is equivalent to the engine of a car. China, as the world's largest electric bicycle production and sales country, has 200 million electric bicycle. However, many people do n’t know much about the types of electric motors and how to maintain them. Today I will take everyone to understand Look at the types of motors and maintenance methods, and hope to give some owners some help.


What types of common electric bicycle motors?

Electric bicycle motors are generally DC motors. DC motors are classified into permanent magnet motors and series-excited motors based on whether a permanent magnet is used internally. The rotatable part inside the motor is called the rotor, and the non-rotatable part is called the stator.

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◆ Permanent magnet motor: brushed / brushless

● Brushed motor

The DC motor needs to rotate continuously in the working state. The working principle is that the internal magnetic field of the rotor and the stator magnetic field repel and attract each other. The current in the wire package is switched at the appropriate time, otherwise it will be sucked and cannot be rotated. The brushed motor is automatically completed by the cooperation of a commutator (scientific name is commutator) and brushes. The commutator and brushes are installed inside the motor.

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Working principle of brushless motor

The advantages of brushless motors are certain load specificity. They can provide large torque output at low speeds to meet vehicle acceleration requirements. The speed range is wide. The motors can run at low, medium and high speed ranges. There is no mechanical commutator, and the fully enclosed structure is used to prevent dust from entering the motor and has high reliability. Disadvantages: The internal structure of the motor is complicated, and the controller is more complicated than a brushed motor.

Since there are so many types of motors, the internal structure is so complicated, and it is a component that is very easy to be damaged, then the daily maintenance and use of it can not be avoided. Next, the author will introduce some precautions!

1. As the internal circuit and electrical connection of the electric bike motor are designed and installed by professionals, as an ordinary user, please do not modify the motor without permission, otherwise the consequences such as spontaneous combustion or traffic accidents will easily occur.

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2. As the general motor does not have a good waterproof function, so if you encounter shallow rivers or excessive water accumulation in urban areas, please do not risk the motor driving in deep water, let alone the water surface exceeds the position of the rear axle.

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3. During use, check the tightening status of the motor and the rear fork. If you find that the screws are loose, please go to the after-sales for reinforcement.

Damage to the motor caused by overloading

5. As some high-end electric bike use the design of a central motor + chain, it is important to remember to frequently lubricate the chain, which can not only reduce the wear of transmission parts, but also reduce transmission noise.

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As one of the four major parts of electric bike, electric motors have always been neglected. This is mainly because most electric vehicles are cheaper, and most people have little knowledge about the daily maintenance of electric bicycle parts. If the car is still running, it will not be checked regularly for electric bike, which also causes many electric cars to have brake failures and spontaneous combustion. Here, the author urges all electric bicycle drivers to check the electric bike on a regular basis for your safety and that of others, and eliminate potential safety hazards in advance.

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