Why do people buy electric bikes?
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Electric bicycles have become a hot spot in foreign countries, and they have also enjoyed a good discussion on various social networking sites, and they can also see a clear increase in overall sales. However, there is too little research data on electric bicycles to analyze how people think about the recent emergence of electric bicycles. A survey of electric bicycles in the United States conducted by the National Institute of Transportation and Community Research can understand how people think about this kind of transportation between electric bikes and bicycles.

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This survey asked nearly 1,800 electric bike riders in North America, most of them in the United States. The content includes asking the interviewees why they bought electric bicycles, under what conditions they use, how well electric bicycles actually perform compared to conventional bicycles, and so on.

According to the report, men accounted for 70% of the majority of electric bike buyers and women accounted for 29% (the rest did not specify gender). The reasons for buying electric bikes are described in the statistical chart below. For example, it is easier to ride in hilly areas, you can ride longer distances than bicycles, overcome obstacles caused by insufficient physical fitness, buy electric bikes for entertainment purposes, and so on.

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However, there are also many purchases to avoid the hassle of driving a car. Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed said they specifically bought electric bikes to replace cars.

Others point out that they prefer a car-free lifestyle, such as using electric bicycles to carry goods or children, avoiding parking difficulties and traffic jams when driving cars, focusing on environmental protection, and riding electric bicycles is a more efficient way Mode of transportation.

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The following chart data shows that although people want to use electric bikes instead of their cars, they have abandoned electric bikes due to factors such as travel distance, terrain and the need to transport goods:

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Electric bicycles are not just about practicality. About a quarter of the riders surveyed said they wanted to work out with electric bikes. Others go out for entertainment alone, use electric bikes to make up for their lack of fitness, and use it when they need to go out with friends and family.

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Regardless of the reason they give, people who buy an electric bike use it very often. More than 92% of users ride weekly or daily. At the same time, before buying an e-bike, only 58% of people used to bike often. It is clear that the vast majority of drivers (93.5%) have used standard bikes before.

But electric bikes allow them to ride more often and park their cars more often where needed. In fact, the report shows that 77% of plans to travel by electric bikes were originally borne by cars.

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Interestingly, 6.6% of current e-bike riders say they haven't ridden a standard bike, and now 93.5% say they ride weekly or daily.

According to survey data, although the size of the electric bicycle market in the United States is small but growing rapidly, only 250,000 to 300,000 units were sold in 2018. Global sales are exploding, with sales expected to reach 100 million electric bikes by 2035, which means more electric bikes are being used and cars are gradually decreasing.

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