Why are fat tires electric bikes popular?
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At the beginning of the launch of the fat tire ebike was controversial, but after more than ten years of development, the fat tire bikes has quietly occupied a seat in the major brand product lines.

The perfect combination of mountain forest road bike geometry and traditional fat tire bikes. VTUVIA not only launched fat tires, but also spared no effort to combine freestyle riding style with fat tires.


Fat tyres-as the name suggests, with thick and wide tyres-have become the latest fashion in cycling. They look like a bike version of a monster truck. These tires are designed to be able to ride in some surface environments you would never imagine, such as beaches and snow.


This doesn't mean that riding becomes effortless-that's what I came to after a weekend in Tahoe Donner, a cross-country skiing mecca in California. In response to the increasing demand from tourists, the lanes for snowmobile riding by fat tires have recently been opened.


Cross-country ski area manager Sally Jones has been responsible for the introduction of fat tires, some of which are for rental. "They (fat tires) are likely to be as popular as snowboards in the end," she said.


Fat bike riding is an emerging outdoor sport in the United States. It is particularly popular in Alaska and Colorado, because before that it would have been impossible to ride in these two places in winter. In Europe, the Snow Riding Festival is in full swing, this event was founded in 1922 in the Swiss ski resort Gstaad.

So these days, as long as there is snow and outdoor sports places, it is likely that fat tires will appear.

"We found fat skis being introduced at ski resorts in other regions," Sally said. "We don't think we'll know if this new sport will benefit us unless we try it."


Their new attempt was not smooth sailing. Hikers and mountain racing enthusiasts are not always the best partners, because they have the same needs for venues and equipment-although the two can coexist, but fat tire snow riders and cross-country ski enthusiasts The relationship is always tense. In order to solve this problem in Tahoe Donner, snow cycling is limited to two areas, one is a 3 km long, flat and wide multifunctional track (anyone can use it, ski lovers and hiking enthusiasts) You can also bring their pet dogs); the other is a 12 km long one-way snow trail.

Let's start with the simplest two multi-purpose runways. The names of these two runways are also very interesting-"Cup of Tea" and "Piece of Cake". The two runways are spacious and flat, and the snow above them is very smooth by the snow-pressed cars. Riding on it is as simple as their name, and I found that I didn't feel very bumpy, and was surprised that it wasn't much harder than cycling on the street. The riding road is lined with snow-covered pines on both sides, and everything is so beautiful and pleasant. My husband-an inexperienced alpine skier-even announced that snow riding is a suitable sport for those who love snow sports but have never loved alpine skiing.

fat tire e bike.jpg

We are talking too early. Sally led us to the "Tiny Tim Trail", a sloping, zigzag winding road with curved snow, and I was panting in less than five minutes. This track is designed for mountain bike enthusiasts. I find it difficult to control a fat tire on such a section of snow and mud and a section of fresh snow: I admit that in this section I got off the car and pushed away. The snowboarder galloped past and shouted happily, "This is a fat bike ride, not a fat man walking."

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Everyone thinks that compared to mountain bike riding (most of the contestants in the most recent competition held near Tahoe City were about 40 years old), fans of fat tire riding are slightly older. When I was trekking with a fat bike, I met a 75-year-old snowshoe hiker. I was surprised and ashamed because she told us that she was riding a fat bike and was very interesting. . Yes, this is California.

Everything was fun, and Tahoe Donner was also pleasantly surprised. In addition, if you ca n’t do anything about your poor physical fitness and you ca n’t go the full distance on a fat bike, then blame it all on high altitude.

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