Difference between single suspension and full suspension mountain bikes
 Mar 14, 2020|View:828

Differences between professional single suspension and full suspension mountain bikes:

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    The single suspension vehicle is simple, the single suspension mountain bike is an integrated frame structure, and the front and rear triangles are integrated as a whole, making maintenance easier and less likely to cause problems. Single suspensions are lightweight, so single suspensions are usually lighter than full suspensions.


  Single suspension vehicle efficiency: The suspension front fork is used to cushion the road vibration, the rear wheel power is 100% directly transmitted to the ground, and the smooth XC off-road with mud and small stones has excellent pedaling efficiency.

  Full suspension vehicle comfort: The full suspension vehicle is divided into two parts, the front triangle and the rear triangle. In addition to the suspension front fork, the rear triangle is designed by the suspension structure, compressed by the shock absorber, extended to swing, and cushioned. Suspension effect.


  Efficiency of single suspension vehicle: Even in bumpy and rough road conditions, the tires can also keep on the ground tightly, maintaining the best pedaling efficiency and grounding performance.

  Full suspension vehicle control: Excellent ground attachment and pedaling efficiency, also represents that the full suspension vehicle has good handling, even in a rugged environment, can still accurately grasp the movement trajectory at the fastest speed Pass the obstacle.


If you like to ride on the forest road and the mountain environment with rocks and branches, or you need to break the height difference with superb jumping skills, you should choose a full suspension mountain bike with front and rear shock absorbers to reduce the number of riders. Physical loss while improving riding stability.

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