France bans illegal electric bicycles tuning
 Apr 02, 2020|View:788

The specific content is that individuals, dealers, or manufacturers are compulsorily required not to increase the speed of electric bicycles by more than 25 km / h, or electric vehicles (electric motorcycles) cannot exceed 45 km / h, and electric vehicles require license plates, insurance, and helmets.

It also stipulates that if it is found to exceed the standard, it will face a fine of 30,000 euros or 1 year's imprisonment.


Why ban illegal ebike tuning?

The regulation of electric bicycles was proposed in a previous bicycle accident case in the United Kingdom. In this case, a user modified an electric bicycle motor to a speed of 48km / h, and eventually collided with another and an accident occurred.

The European bicycle trade organization CONEBI, along with Spanish AMBE, issued a detailed statement last week reminding its affiliates to keep their responsibilities within legal limits.

"If the electric bicycle is modified to make the motor output the maximum power or speed, or by modifying the program (allowing the speed to increase above 25km / h), the electric bicycle will immediately become a motor vehicle as defined in the" (EU) 168/2013 regulation. "Once an electric bicycle becomes a motor vehicle. It will become different requirements and bear different responsibilities."

Users of privately modified cars may not be aware of changes in the nature of the product, including invalidation of personal insurance, invalidation of warranty, possible revocation of driving licenses, and other criminal offences.

For retail stores, there will be joint liability, including joint crimes after leaving the store with the modified electric bike.

These include inciting and participating in crimes after electric bicycles are used in public places, the commercial insurance you purchase will lapse, and the vehicle-related agreement contracts will lapse.

Manufacturers like Bosch have taken steps to prevent modifications, and the giant company has added tamper-proof procedures to the system to detect modifications and lock down vehicles.

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