When should I change the battery for an electric bike
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The importance of batteries for electric vehicles is unquestionable. As the use time increases, some or some batteries will inevitably become degenerative due to the increase in internal resistance. Many consumers find that the cruising range drops after using it for a period of time, and this is the reason. So when do you need to replace the battery?


Practice has proved that the performance of lead-acid batteries at the end of life has been greatly reduced, and their performance is extremely unstable, which may cause adverse consequences: such as charging heating deformation, short circuit, open circuit, or even explosion hazard. Therefore, when the battery reaches the end of its life, a new battery should be replaced in time. When your electric car shows the following symptoms, you must change the battery. Please follow the steps of the editor to take you to understand.


1. The battery cannot be charged


If you feel that your electric bicycle battery can't be charged, then first check whether the connection of the charging circuit is reliable, check whether the connection between the connection and the plug is intact, and carefully check whether the socket and the plug have "fire" arcing phenomenon and wireless road damage Disconnection, etc.


If your electric car is red light no matter how long you charge it, it means that the battery inside the electric car has been damaged and can no longer store electricity. At this time, the electric car will continue to charge until you unplug it. This situation is still dangerous and often causes a fire, so once you find that your battery can't be charged, you have to replace it.


2. The battery is not durable


The actual discharge capacity of the lead-acid battery is lower than about 60% of the rated capacity. If it cannot be significantly increased after maintenance, it can be determined to be scrapped. This is because the performance of the battery will be greatly attenuated when the capacity is decayed to about 60% during the use of the battery, and all components have basically deteriorated. This decay has a tendency to gradually accelerate, and it will soon completely lose charge and discharge capabilities.


At this time, it is time to replace the battery, and when choosing the battery, try to choose high-quality, well-known brand batteries, good service, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects are very perfect, which can provide consumers with better After-sales service battery.


3. The battery temperature is extremely high when charging


If you find that the battery temperature of your electric car is very high when charging, or even a little hot, this means that it is about to die. This will make the battery very hot. At this time, the battery will charge fast and consume electricity quickly. Maybe you have to charge it four or five times a day.


The reason is that the cause of fever is that the active material on the polar plate is severely detached, the internal resistance increases, and the heat generation increases. At this time, if you open the battery safety valve to check, you will see that the electrolyte is "black", and it cannot be repaired if it fails seriously. At this time, the battery self-discharges quickly, and sometimes runs out of charge soon after charging.


During the use of lead-acid batteries, the capacity gradually decreases and the performance gradually declines until the end of life. When the user requirements are not met, the lead-acid batteries need to be replaced. In addition to knowing how often the electric vehicle battery is replaced, in order to ensure the reliability of operation, it is also necessary to pay close attention to the operation status of the battery and replace the new battery in time.

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