73-year-old Schwarzenegger exercising on an electric bike
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Recently, 72-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger was found last Friday and took a bicycle along the "memory trail".

In order to comply with the safety guidelines during the COVID-19, the Austrian-born screen superstar was riding an  electric mountain bike while he was out in Brentwood, California. Schwarzenegger likes to go out in daily life Cycling, after all, he naturally loves sports.


Although the beards have all turned white, the mental state is maintained very well, and wearing a flight jacket looks very energetic. It is completely impossible to see that it is already 73 years old.

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In the modeling, the color of the baseball cap and bicycle he wears also echoes well. The overall appearance of the model is also fashionable and outstanding. The contrast effect of yellow in the black tone makes Schwarzenegger's shape become younger.


When you go out for a bike ride, you don't forget to bring your younger 28-year-old girlfriend Heather. The one-handed riding posture in front of her girlfriend also shows an atmosphere, which can also be seen that Schwarzenegger's physical condition remains good. Although he can still see his blessed belly in the styling, the overall aura is still very strong.


The 45-year-old Heather also shows a girlish feeling in a pink-blue suspender skirt, but it is recommended that little fairies do not wear skirts when riding bicycles. It is best to wear tight sports pants or cycling suits like Schwarzenegger. Sex is better.


The all-black styling created by Schwarzenegger is also very cool, plus a baseball cap, fully revealing the charm of sportsman. Wearing a beard and wearing sunglasses can also show the masculinity. Seeing Schwarzenegger's state is still under the sword.


The simple black-toned sports suit is comfortable and versatile to wear. It can not only keep the fashionable style but also play a functional role. Whether it is an old sportsman or a small fresh meat, it can quickly create a fashionable style.


Although the current figure is far less than that of the year, it is also very good to be able to maintain such a physique in the seventies. It can be seen that the Schwarzenegger shape of wearing a sports jacket and sports pants is still very strong, and the sports style will also play a role in reducing age, no matter what age group will wear it will appear more energetic.微信图片_20200430152716.jpg

Schwarzenegger can show tough style on a mountain bike. He is worthy of being a bodybuilder. He has always been a tough guy in the movie, and he can show the rough and tough style of men.


A posture of turning sideways is full of vitality, Schwarzenegger can also show such charm, which is really admirable, which can also see his excellent physical state.


Although Schwarzenegger's age continues to grow, he has always insisted on exercising, so that he can have a younger mentality, so sports is also a lifestyle and attitude of Schwarzenegger.

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