What Are The Benefits of VTUVIA SF20 Folding eBike?
 May 09, 2020|View:880

Electric Bikes have many advantages and are populated by a lot of people. VTUVIA Electric Bike provides a low-cost, energy-efficient, and emission-free mode of transportation. 

When you want to carry it more conveniently, then the folding electric bikes appear.

Why We should choose VTUVIA SF20 folding eBike?

1. More suitable for women:

Have you ever had to move your bicycle up the stairs? For many people, especially for women, this is not easy.

VTUVIA SF20 folding eBike can solve this problem well by folding the bicycle in half. In this way, you can actually solve half of the problems associated with cycling.

vtuvia sf20 best for women

2. Easily tuck into your car trunk:

When you choose to drive to the place where you want to ride a bicycle, it is very easy to stuff it into the trunk.

 If you like traveling, this is especially great, because folding electric bikes can save you money.

 With this originality, you can save money by not having to rent a bicycle when you go out.

3. Match the speed of ordinary road bikes:

The maximum speed of VTUVIA folding eBike reached 23-28 MPH, and the cruising range reached 35 miles.

vtuvia sf20 orange color

4. Ride comfortably on almost any terrain:

VTUVIA SF20 folding electric bicycle has 3 riding modes, and the throttle can be easily adjusted by the thumb.

vtuvia sf20 review

5. Flexible maintenance and return policy:

You may probably worry about quality issues because we have a physical maintenance store in CA, we can help you exchange.

If you are nearby, you can take it directly for repair. If that possible, you need to pay for the expenses.

6. Longer warranty period: 

The rack and motor are guaranteed for 2 years, and the electrical system is guaranteed for 1 year.

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