What are the features of VTUVIA ebike motor and battery?
 Jun 04, 2020|View:3371

Electric bicycles have many different power supply methods. Deciding which electric bike is best for you depends on how you plan to ride and which electric motor you want. 

The good news is that no matter what electric bike you plan to buy, from electric mountain bike to city ebike, VTUVIA electric bike will definitely meet your needs.

The VTUVIA motor is usually located between the rear hub or crank and is called the intermediate drive. Generally, most urban and hybrid electric bicycles are equipped with hub-mounted motors to improve response speed and fast feeling.

VTUVIA Black SN100

On the other hand, most e-MTBs have an intermediate drive motor for weight balancing (this is especially important on full suspension machines) and smoother power transmission. Standard rear MTB wheels can also be installed using the intermediate drive motor, and most hub motors are proprietary to the brand.

The location of the battery also varies from bike to bike. The two most common locations are in the down tube of the frame or on the rear frame. The change of the lower leg looks more visually attractive, and more importantly, the weight is placed in the center. The rack-mount installation does raise the center of gravity of the bicycle and puts more weight on the rear, which again makes it unsuitable for MTB.


VTUVIA's high-quality powerful 750watt motor can provide a cruising range of 50 miles, can assist to reach 35mph, and the battery is not heavy.

Whether you are driving a long distance or commuting in a super hilly terrain, VTUVIA electric bikes make it easier for people to ride on two wheels because they do not depend on personal health.

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