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 Dec 15, 2021|View:675

VTUVIA has been not exploring different types of electric bicycles to meet people with different needs. 

This time we are bringing an electric cross-border electric bicycle product SM20.


SM20 is a class 3 electric bicycle. You can use the manual accelerator to travel at 20 miles per hour without pedaling, 

 and get the help of an electric motor at 28 miles per hour when pedaling. 

This is because the rear hub motor runs at 500 watts of continuous power.


The motorcycle-style seat is comfortable, but it is not adjustable and a bit low at 31 inches high. SM20 said that this bike is 

suitable for anyone with a height from 5 feet 1 inch to 6 feet 8 inches.


This bicycle reserves two battery spaces, the frame and the battery position under the seat. The battery of this bike is removable, 

which means you can remove the battery at any time and take it anywhere to charge. 

The factory pre-installed is a battery. If you want to add a dollar battery, you need to increase your budget. 

If you commute daily, a battery is enough. If you want outdoor off-road riding, it is recommended to add a battery to get twice the ride. 

Travel distance, so you can have more fun.


Larger tires with impressive treads can help you cope with harsh weather and unforgiving terrain with ease. 

The SM20 electric motorcycle is an extremely versatile mountain bike designed for your morning commute and off-road adventures. . 

This is one of the best electric bicycles launched in 2021. This bicycle weighs up to 90 pounds, but it is indeed pre-assembled, 

so it is perfect for those who are confused by the idea of bicycle construction.


Despite the weight and size of this bike, its handling is dreamlike, and the fat tires help absorb the impact of crossing high curbs or uneven ground.

SM20 is not stingy in details. All cables and wires of the handlebar pass through the frame to make the bike look neat and clean.

 The LED headlights are huge and awesome.

 They can illuminate the road in the dark. The integrated LED taillights are hard to miss.


This is even more incredible due to its versatility and durability. Tektro disc brakes provide you with greater safety, 

and the 275's load-bearing capacity allows heavier riders to ride in a stylish way, or for those who wish to carry

 supplies with them on their bicycle trips to carry what they need everything.

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