VTUVIA Dealer Spotlight: USA
 May 11, 2022|View:744


Here at VTUVIA, we value innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, so when our paths crossed with a car dealership that had the vision and excitement to sell electric bikes, we instantly knew this would be the start of something extraordinary. 


Our focus is on one of our vtuvia dealers, the vtuvia mission is unique. Let more dealers selling vtuvia electric bikes get more profit.

We were so excited to speak with Justin, the bike shop manager in Los Angeles. Justin, who sells VTUVIA e-bikes in the larger city of Los Angeles, tells us how the idea came to fruition, the importance of developing a passionate and dedicated team, and what makes their dealers special!


Justin told us that his original intention was to only focus on selling one specific model, the VTUVIA SF20, because the bike inherently is unique as is, from the design to its folding capabilities. So, they bought a bunch of VTUVIA ebikes and sold a bunch of VTUVIA ebikes! It wasn’t until consumers discovered that they were also an authorized VTUVIA dealer, calling to inquire about other VTUVIA ebikes, did they decide to expand their depth of supply to have one of every ebike on hand. Now, they carry the extended fleet of VTUVIA ebikes, from fat tires to casual cruisers!

With new vehicle inventory still low, Justin uses the open space on the sales floor to his advantage by showing off their inventory of full build and accessories VTUVIA e-bikes to stock more e-bikes, whenever the inventory is half sold, Justin advances Place an order with VTUVIA. Justin  tells us that what he loves most about VTUVIA e-bikes is also a favorite of his consumers: they are exciting and beautiful products. He said it was so refreshing to break the mold of traditional car sales. The thrill of doing something different matched the thrill he and his team felt riding their VTUVIA e-bikes.


Test Rides

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed with which ebike to choose or which ebike is right for you, leave it in the hands of Justin team to help! Not only will their team walk through the entire process of breaking down and understanding ebikes and how they work, but they’ll also help find an VTUVIA electric bike that best fits your lifestyle and needs. Then once you’ve narrowed it down, the fun part is going out for a test ride! Test rides are not only encouraged but welcomed as a great way for customers to really get an idea of how the ebike they’re interested in feels and whether it’s truly the right fit for them!


Accessorizing Ebikes

While they have a stock version of every VTUVIA ebike on hand if a customer is looking to purchase just an ebike, they also have all the extra accessories, giving customers a full stature of compatible products that are available! From helmets to racks to fenders to lights, ensuring their customers leave with every thing they came in looking for. For those that decide to customize their ebike purchase from Berlin City Auto Group with added accessories, they may even be incentivized with a slight accessory discount or a waived build fee!

Servicing VTUVIA Ebikes

While they don’t service just any electric bike, they do service VTUVIA ebikes purchased from them! Anything from rear-wheel replacements to troubleshooting battery issues. They also offer routine maintenance for any VTUVIA ebikes purchased from either their Berlin City Toyota or Berlin City Honda retail locations. Receiving warranty replacement parts directly from us on an as-needed basis and having a team of factory-trained Honda and Toyota technicians on stand-by allows them to quickly resolve ebike concerns so their customers can get back to biking!

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