In response to the global impact of COVID-19, the industry structure and the resilience of the supply chain have been continuously impacted. To that end, we are constantly making changes for our clients in a complex business environment


Do these headaches seem familiar?


* Inability to provide technical development services

* Long development optimization cycle

* Unstable product quality causes brand damage

* No technical support and services

* Logistical and tariff barriers

* Lack of after-sales service

* Too long lead time



               More than 50 bicycle stores in the U.S. have chosen to become VTUVIA dealers




Excellent technical development skills

We will invest a lot of research and development costs in product appearance and structure design, and rely on a strong technical team, effectively shorten the development cycle, to provide customers with efficient technical services.


Superior quality

Vtuvia continuously optimizes the production process and quality control links to ensure its excellent quality. We have embedded this quality philosophy in every aspect of the company.

Continuous evaluation revolves around three main procedures


1, Incoming material inspection -- We require our partners to provide the highest quality materials, and we will check and evaluate each component when it is put into storage.


2, Process inspection -- according to industry standards and technical requirements, check the assembly and transportation of each step of the parameter requirements.


3, Customer feedback and quality improvement -- according to the track record, continuous optimization and improvement, improve our competitiveness.

Speed of delivery and service


We ensure that our products are transported as safely, reliably and cost-effectively as possible. We have signed contracts with a number of logistics agencies, and provide real-time feedback on logistics developments. And can help customers with customs clearance and delivery.


We set up overseas warehouses in the United States, Britain and Germany, which can effectively solve the trouble of long replenishment cycle for some retailers, and provide one-stop overseas after-sales service.

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