Who We Help
VTUVIA R&D: Creating E-Bikes by observing global trends.
Extensive Industry Research
We pride ourselves on full-spectrum development and prompt delivery of customized lines of E-bikes. Our Research and Development division researches global trends in both the E-mobility industry and corresponding market strategy — all in an effort to assist your business.

Marketing and Technical Support
With more than 15 years of experience, VTUVIA offers customers a higher degree of competence and proficiency to meet their challenges. We study our clients’ target market, provide suggestions on E-bikes procurement, and take on a comprehensive range of support tasks.
A Superior Product
Our engineers specialized in understanding the challenges and demands of the market. They focus on producing E-bikes that offer the perfect combination of functionality, style, and advanced solutions for clients' brands. We amalgamate manufacturing technologies with our own innovations to produce some of the most popular, on-trend E-bikes in the world.
How VTUVIA E-Bikes Are Made
With a manufacturing facility in the heart of Changzhou, VTUVIA is capable of annually producing more than 100,000 premium-end E-bikes. We oversee the following process.

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