Brand Concept

VTUVIA, have your scenery

VTUVIA, originated from Italy, an e-bike brand manufacturer, creating your own cycling treasure only for you, making your scenery.


Cool look with a high level of appearance

VTUVIA has created a personalized e-bike for cool players.

Cool and fashionable appearance, double wheels with muscular sense, energetic and cool color.

Cycling out, no matter it is through the streets or alleys, will definitely be the focus of the crowd.

Cycling, not only to become a person who see the scenery, but also to have one’s own scenery


Integrated forming, using aviation aluminum alloy material.

Double wheels with strong grip and flexible transmission system, make you can easily cross the sand and snow, enjoy the easy climbing experience.

Sensitive and efficient oil disc brake, safe and durable, that is, brake and stop, without missing any beautiful scenery.

Built in long - lasting lithium battery, longer cycling, longer enjoyment.

Customization shows more personality

There are billions of people in the world, but there is only one you.

Cycling is the same, to ride out your own style. The same thing has been flooding, pursue different is more needed.

VTUVIA,create a unique cycling treasure  for you .

Freely matching of tyre model, decal style, lettering, color, etc., make your cycling more personal.

Have your scenery

Riding is no longer just for the convenience of travel, but also for the attitude towards one’s own life, showing the true self, highlighting the self.

It is a choice of quality, an attitude of enjoyment, a gesture of playing cool, no longer limited to the appreciation of the scenery, but let have your own unique scenery in the crowd.

Your own path, completed in your own way

VTUVIA, a personal paradise for cyclists.

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